Nebulus™ IoT Gateway

    The Nebulus™ IoT Gateway collects sensor data and streams it to the Microsoft Azure cloud. It is enterprise ready, scaleable and secure.

    Check out what value the Nebulus™ Gateway offers you.

    IoT data and devices

    Integration Framework

    Even BizTalk Server requires development and configuration to reach its optimum potential. This is especially true where monitoring and logging of message traffic are concerned. As with the routing of messages, which we believe to be crucial for a world class integration solution. The Axon Software Integration Framework allows BizTalk Server to reach this potential.

    The Integration Framework is a standards based methodology for Microsoft BizTalk Server 2013.

    Axon Software

    Dynamics AX Integration Booster

    Do you use Microsoft BizTalk Server for the integration of your systems with Microsoft Dynamics AX? Or are you intending to implement AX as your ERP solution and use BizTalk? If so, the AX Integration Booster is the solution for you.

    By using the AX Integration Booster, you can integrate BizTalk and AX quicker, more reliably and at lower cost. By avoiding repetitive work, the AX Integration Booster offers developers a great advantage by allowing them to focus on the business processes.

    Axon Software